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I'm Suzy the person behind suzannayellow and I dabble in many fields of art! I love to create in many ways but found my ultimate passion to be blowing glass. I am fortunate enough to get to practice this in the near by town of Campbell River at the studio of Bob McLeod Glass (you can check out his glass works here >  www.bobmcleodglass.ca ) I also spend a lot my my time art journaling and this is where I grow many of my artistic concepts. 


I was born and raised the small town of Whakatane, New Zealand but moved to Canada in 2013 and now live on Vancouver Island with my family. I love living on the island as it has many similarities to my homeland that bring me comfort. I'm wife to an amazing Chef and together we have created two handsome, sweet & mischievous boys as well as our kitty Clementine!

I have lived a constant battle between mind and body for as long as I remember. Being sexually abused and tortured from a very young age and living in constant distress I have been managing CPTSD symptoms my whole life. I work hard to manage my mood, flashbacks, body image and the heaviness that comes with carrying the memories, shame and conditioned guilt that exists inside of me. Through the process of understanding and accepting myself more wholly I can only hope to help others to process trauma in a way that is manageable and supportive. 


I am learning to balance the heavenly and earthly energies within the human system and spend much time studying psychology, philiosophy and the vedas. OM was the beginning in which Isvara sent me forth and to his divine OM I shall one day return. It is critical during this time of  "Dwapura Yuga" (that which comes directly after the darkest hour of Kali) that we continue to teach ancient methods of yoga and meditation to ensure the Vedas are carried forth into the generations to come. I will always sacrifice my suffering to Mankind to allow balance to be restored in the Cosmos and harmony reestablished on Earth. 



Satya Ekam

Ekam Satya


"The truth is One, we are that One truth"





Suzanna Mary Weimer