Reflections from my Soul

December 11, 2017


You and I are merely different interpretations of the same light.


We appear as individual beings on the outside but our essence deep down is the same.


We are all born from love 

stitched together with the same star dust that created the moon, the sunshine, the trees and the oceans. 


We all have different stories to tell 

different paths to adventure 

different people to love. 


We all strive to be different from one another yet we yearn to find people with whom we are the same 

so we can feel like we are home.


We search and search for doorways to open yet become oblivious to the biggest doorway of all.

The door that is deep inside us,

that one that we already have the key for. 


If you can find that key,

which comes as gift of self love,

you will find within yourself a soul.


A soul that is pure, joyful, trusting and the most consistent friend you will ever need. 


We so easily dismiss our soul as if it is something not meant for mankind when in fact it is what we are made from.


You and I, we are the same.

The same particles of light, vibrating on levels far greater than our eyes allow us to perceive.


If you can believe that it's yourself that you were meant to love all along you will learn to find beauty in even the darkest places.


If you can let your soul shine through the cracks that cause you the deepest grief you will learn how to nourish yourself and the light you emit into the world will be exponential. 


We can think of souls as a mighty god like force which makes it easy to become complacent about our mankind form.

But when you look deeper you will find that all souls are broken.

They come to us in desperate need for expression, for nourishment, for healing, for love.

Souls come to us because it's only through experiencing life via the human form that a soul can learn to be truly free. 


So next time you feel alone, remember that you are already home.

You have in this moment everything you will ever need.


You hold the key to your deepest desires and the entrance into the most divine light of all.

All you have to do is believe it and soon you will see the reflections. 


(Words to assist final class project NIC 2017, Colour Theory, painting is produced from primary series. Red, blue, yellow, black and white. Acrylic on Wood. 5ft x 5ft) 




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